Spring 2019 callbacks

Given the unpredictable nature of callbacks, we cannot say for certain how long your child will be needed. Times range between 30 minutes to 3 hours. Kids will be instructed to call their parents when they are finished so that parents do not need to wait at Mudlark HQ. They are welcome to use our office phone. 

If you would like to request extra time or other accommodation for a disability or other situation, please email auditions@mudlarktheater.org. 

Fight Night Tech Note:
Tech times have changed from what were previously posted for. Tech on Saturday, April 27 is now from 4pm-9pm, tech on Sunday, April 28 is now from 4pm-8pm.


Friday, january 11

4pm – 7pm
(please plan to stay for the entire time)

Amariah Bull
Ben Henderson
Caroline Streicker
Estevan Torres
Griffin Kearns
Hanna Lindroth
Izzy Anderson
Kieran Mavros
Lael OShaughnessy
Lauren Guevara
Leah Johnson
Maddy Pollard
Naomi Hamilton
Noa Silins
Oscar Baliga
Phoebe Rogers
Sam Molitor
Sophie Brown
Sydney Chow
Teddy Gallun
Vincent Perez

Saturday, January 12


Adelaide Dahlberg
Ainslie Pratt
Amanda Biggs
Andrew Feingold-Fisher
Bella Lindroth
Catherine Hansen
Charles Plante
Corinne Perez
Cullen Dunbar
Darrion Coleman
Dylan Ribeiro
Elliot Hoffner
Emerson Singer
Frances Eccelston
Frank Herman
Giles Gilbert Bartell
Joshua Rein
Kai Dorsett
Kate Tevonian
Katie Dunn
Kayla Camacho
Kelsey Blickenstaff
Kirby Cox
Lily Benjamin
Lily Wright
Macy Hoeveler
Madeleine Schafer
Maia Bitkin
Margot Van Nice
Meera Field
Merritt Woolridge
Nolan Rowell
Nora Kirsammer
Oona O'Brien
PQ Hletko 
Preston Brown
Sam Kalil
Savera Manuela Reed
Simon Rios
Sofia Rocca
Sydney Hletko
Walker Travis



Addison Auer
Cooper Wandel Durham
Dorothy Breen
Emersen Mann
Isabelle Smith
Katie Kirkland
Kendall Jack
Sadie Corey



Alexandra Price
Belaye Hughes
Charlie Settimi
Emma Greer
Emmett Victorson
Greta Coleman
Isabela Ulytiepo
Jack Halliday
Jackson Stroth
Jane MorrisHoffer
Leela Wittenberg Trubowitz
Leo Brock
Max Silverstein
Maya Thadani
Milo Slevin
Nat Sotnick
Neva Whitcomb
Olivia Babolea
Paul Martinet
Shelly Berry
Sianna Waters
Sienna Oshon
Simone Jacot Bell
Skyler Kramer
Sofia Lindroth
Spencer Remmert
Toby Perlstadt

12:00 pm

Cassidy Donovan
Una Breen


1:00 pm

Amelia Hoffman
Andrew Skinner
Anna Stolar
AsenSa Sadiki
Audrey Levisay
Beatrice Andrews
Brock Janicki
Cecilia Keesecker
Charlotte Hurst
Chaz Thompson
Colin Moffitt
Elias Dunn
Elliott Iseman
Emma Brown
Eva Cherkasky
Eva Jakobe
Frances Heldt
Helena Pina Anagnostopoulos
Isa Chiwah
Jack Benjamin
Julia Hollenbeck
Kanako Wagner
Louise Baer
Luc Van Haelewyn
Massimo Cabrera
Maurice Frischer
Max Beck
Natalie Lundgren
Nate Fishman
Robert McDonnell
Ruthie Crossen
Sam Consiglio
Sam Persell
Sasha Van Den Berg
Sophia Diamond
Theo Kayaian
Zach Cutter



  • The Final cast list will be posted on Sunday, January 20 in the evening.

  • We have nearly 175 kids auditioning for 108 slots. Unfortunately that means we will have to turn away a lot of talented kids this season. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you have a question about callback slots, please email auditions@mudlarktheater.org.