Days: Tuesdays
Times: 3:35pm-4:45pm
Grades: K-2
Dates: April 5- May 24 (8 classes)
Fee: $88
Class Description: Do you have the drama bug? In this fun and active class, you'll get a chance to flex those performance muscles by participating in our favorite theater games and exercises. You will create wacky characters, fantastical settings, and unique stories using just your body, voice, and imagination.


DEWEY (3-5)

Creative Improv
Days: Fridays
Times: 3:35pm-4:45pm
Grades: 3-5
Dates:  April 8 - May 27
Fee: $88

Class Description: Creativity and spontaneity are at the heart of this action packed improvisation class. In each session, participants engage in improvised scenarios, creative movement exercises, vocal training, and character creation. The class gives students the opportunity to tap into their imagination and bring their own unique characters and stories to life on stage.