half-day workshops

Join us on those pesky D65 Wednesday half-days for an afternoon workshop full of creative fun! We have workshops for 9-14 year olds, so everyone gets a chance to spend the afternoon at Mudlark.


For Ages 9-14
Participation Fee: $55/workshop
fall workshop package: all 3 workshops for $150

Wednesday October 2nd

Reality TV isn’t scripted… or is it? Put your writing, improv, and film skills to the test as we create the world’s newest hit reality show. An afternoon filled with confrontations, backstabbing, reunions, and over the top personalities will put to test the eternal question – why would anybody watch this?
Taught by Vanessa Strahan

Wednesday November 6th
Live and in Three Dimensions

You’ve probably practiced your skills capturing scenes on film, but have you ever ripped a scene from your TV straight onto a stage? In the tradition of staged parodies of famous TV shows, come explore what it’s like to recreate, impersonate, and perhaps lovingly mock characters close to all our hearts as we make TV 3D.
Taught by Felix Mayes

Wednesday December 11th
360 Theater

In just three and a half hours, transform a Mudlark rehearsal room into a brand new world, and invite an audience to come join us in it. Discover what it means to create a fully immersive performance and flex your designing, building, writing, and acting skills all in one action-packed afternoon.
Taught by Vanessa Strahan

Past Workshops Include…

Puppet Show
Stage Combat
Improv: Legends and Lore
Writing for Mudpie
Auditions & Callbacks
Build A Play: Shipwrecked
Mudlark Murder Mystery

*All Half-Day Workshops are held at 1417 Hinman Ave
*All Half Day Workshops will be held from 1-4:30PM