A Fish Named Judah by Damion Coakley
A House Plant is Dying and Becoming a Goddess by Danielle Psalm Basillo
Boxes by Marsei Reid
Fernando Wants a Ferrari by Amelia Bell, Anna Stolar, and Lucia Story-Magnum
Happy to Be Me by Ivy Young
Hello from the Starbucks Line by Ainslie Pratt and Hannah Lindroth
I Hate It! by Angela Kustanovich
It's All My Sister's Fault by Una Breen
Mystery Party by Emerson Singer and Ivy Torvik
One Perfect Night by Emma Philibert and Nicole Yao
Sammy the Pig by Matilda Chartoff
Sledding by Maeve Haughey
Sonnet About Dancing by Isabela Sant’Anna-Skites
Stages of Hamilton by Sydney Hletko
The Scariest Thing by Stavros Hatzopoulos
The Sleepover by Parise San Jose
The Time I Didn't Fit In by Joselyn Torres
The Unexpected Finale of America by Eva Morales-Grahl
The Wrong House by Andi Nevzadi
Three Brothers by Marlowe Lang
Unusual Day for Madison by Aayna Ghose
Vending Machine by Keyon Robinson
Victory by Meheret Crowe-Barnes
When I Am 20 by Joselyn Torres and Nina-Simone Rae Cattouse




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Mudpie 2017 authors announced!



Mudpie is a show written by children and performed by their peers. Every year, Mudlark Theater Company receives submissions of original creative writing pieces (short stories, fairy tales, poems, ramblings, rants, etc.) that have been written by local kids in the community. Mudlark Theater Company adapts these pieces for the stage and incorporates the show into its mainstage season.

What is mudpie?



Mudpie actors are cast from Mudlark Theater Company's general auditions and are generally comprised of children between the ages of 9-14. These talented young people spend weeks working with the creative writing pieces trying to find the best ways to bring them to life on stage.

The location is of Mudpie 2017 will be at the Noyes Street Theatre at the Noyes Cultural Center  (927 Noyes St. Evanston)


“Sing the Song of Freedom” and “Storm Song” by Marchelle Alber
 “Not Perfect” by Erin Amadi
“I’m Sorry, Paper” by Cherie Animashawn
“Epic Dance Battle” by Pape Cissokh
 “Mexico: A True Story” by Daniela Licea
“Pets” by Layla Ellis
 “I Had a Quiz” by Keanna English
“It’s a Wonderful School” by Thomas Ferguson
 “My Loving Guinea Pig” by Syria Grant
“Go Leif Erikson!” by Luc Van Haelewyn
“Love Rectangle” by Caoimhe Hanretta
“The Haunted School” by Javonna Jones
“Dikembe’s Last Song” by Darryl Jones III
“Ninjas” by Omar Marin
“Invasion of the Barbies” by Aadit Bhatia
“Hullabaloo” by Zoe Parker
“Sammy’s Teddy Bear” by Theo Raden
“Some Adventure” by Rachael Rubin
“Hara” by Matilda Schalet
“Blueberries” by Pearl Schalet
 “Galaxy” by Ariana Tovar
 “Better at Fighting” by Violet Weston
 “When My Sister Turned Into My Brother” by Amia Witernberg-Huber

Mudpie 2016 Authors