The Tragedy of Harriet Denmark, Co-Chair of the Elsinore Middle School Theatrical Society: A Comedy (Winter 2019)

The Nutcracker (Fall 2018)

The Playground (Fall 2018)

The ARC Trials (Fall 2018)

Scared (Fall 2018)

Julius Caesar (Summer 2018)

The Tempest (Spring 2018)

The Time Machine (Spring 2018)

Reika and the Wolves (Spring 2018)

Mudpie 2018 (Spring 2018)

Short Play Festival (Spring 2018)

Enchanted Castle (Winter 2018)

Twelve (Spring 2018)

Don Quixote (Fall 2017) 

Persistence: A Time Traveling Western (Fall 2017)

I.D. (Fall 2017)

One Endless Night (Fall 2017)

Twelfth Night (Summer 2017)

The Boy Who Fell (Summer 2017)

Short Play Festival (Spring 2017)

Mudpie (Spring 2017)

Fairly Grimm Tales (Spring 2017)

Alice in Wonderland (Spring 2017)

The Nose (Spring 2017)

Imogen (Spring 2017)

The Snow Queen (Spring 2017) 

Pinocchio (Fall 2016)

Reunion (Fall 2016) 

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Fall 2016) 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Fall 2016) 

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Summer 2016)

Mudpie (Spring 2016)

Super (Spring 2016)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Spring 2016)

Pandora's Box (Spring 2016)

Ratcatcher (Spring 2016)

King Arthur and His Knights (Spring 2016)

The Nutcracker (Fall 2015)

Cinder/Ellie (Fall 2015)

Ghost Candy (Fall 2015)

Treasure Island (Fall 2015)

Pride and Prejudice (Spring 2015)

Aesop's Fables (Spring 2015)

Peter in Kensington Gardens (Spring 2015)

Mudpie (Spring 2015)

Stage Door (Spring 2015) 

A Christmas Carol (Fall 2014)

The Name of the Game (Fall 2014) 

The Cherry Orchard (Fall 2014) 

Much Ado About Nothing (Summer 2014) 

The Odyssey (Spring 2014) 

Little Women (Spring 2014) 

Mudpie (Winter 2014)

The Matchmaker (Spring 2014) 

Don Quixote (Fall 2013) 

Poe (Fall 2013) 

Love's Labor's Lost (Summer 2013)

Trickster Hero (Spring 2013) 

Through the Looking Glass (Spring 2013) 

Mudpie (Winter 2013) 

The Servant of Two Masters (Winter 2013) 

Frankenstein (Fall 2012) 

A Midsummer Night's Dream (July 2012)

Antigone (May 2012)

The Light Princess (May 2012)

The Curious Savage (April 2012)

The Inspector General (January 2012)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (December 2011)

Mudpie (October 2011)

Twelfth Night (August 2011)

Alice in Wonderland (May 2011)

Robin Hood (April 2011)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Dec 2010)

This is Just to Say: A Play About Apology and Forgiveness (Dec 2010)

A Comedy of Errors (Summer, 2010)

Peter Pan (Apr 2010)

Revenge of the Space Pandas, or Binky Rudich and the Two-Speed Clock (Dec 2009)

Whoops, That Came Out Wrong (March 2009)

The Hobbit (November, 2008)

Home on the Mornin' Train (Spring, 2008)

Ramona Quimby (Fall, 2007)

The Great Waffle Caper (Spring, 2007)

Quark Victory (Fall, 2006) 

Loveliest Afternoon of the Year (Spring, 2006) 

Hush: An Interview with America (Fall, 2005)

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