Directed by Ali Shields and Gus Schlanbusch

November 8 - 11

The Playground is one of Mudlark’s most exciting concepts yet. Five brilliant Chicago-area playwrights (and one poet) were each commissioned to write a play. The rules? It has to take place on a playground, it has to be ten minutes long, and all the characters are middle schoolers. The results are as varied as the writers themselves. Check out details on the plays and playwrights below!

The Plays 

A Return to Adventure by Kenya Hall
When the night grows dark and the children have long gone home the spirits of the playground awaken to an unexpected visitor. 


The Ritual by John Taflan
A group of friends is falling apart and only an ancient and mysterious ritual can save them.


The Prank by Darren Angle
Three friends play a cruel joke by ignoring their classmates one by one. But then the ignored students start to disappear… and no one can remember that they even existed…


Super Space Explorers Club by Emily Dendinger
It's the last day of summer and the last chance to witness a long-awaited meteor shower, but personal differences amongst the founding members of the Super Space Explorers Club threaten to ruin the evening. 


Natural Order by Bilal Dardai
Every school has its bully, but have you ever wondered how that bully came to be?


Five Days of Being Cool by Andrew Biliter 
They’re cool. Super cool. So cool that their coolness defies the laws of physics. Robert has a chance to be one of them. But can he keep up? And how far is he willing to go?