Bobbins and thread

Rehearsal Days: Tues. & Thurs. at 4:30pm - 6:30pm, Sat. 10am - 1pm
Tech: April 6 - 10
Performances: April 11 - 14
First Rehearsal: Tuesday, January 22

NOTE: We will not be having rehearsals over Spring Break. After this week, our next rehearsal will be Tues April 2nd.


Friday April 5th 4:30p - 8:30p
Saturday April 6th 12:00p - 5:00p
Sunday April 7th OFF, No Tech Rehearsal
Monday April 8th 5:30p - 8:45p
Tuesday April 9th 5:30p - 8:45p
Wednesday April 10th 5:30p - 8:45p


Thursday April 11th 7pm
Friday April 12th 7pm
Saturday April 13th 7pm
Sunday April 14th 3pm
Sunday April 14th 7pm


Rehearsal Days: Monday / Wednesday / Friday
Tech: April 17–18, 20, 22 –24
Performances: April 25–28
First Rehearsal: Monday, February 4th

Note: There is no Mudpie rehearsal scheduled during spring break.

The one possible exception to this is that we may try to arrange a session for this Friday where we work with two or three individual actors on their poems and monologues. If we decide to do that, those specific families will be contacted about it by tomorrow at the latest.

So unless we contact you, we'll see you Monday! Enjoy the break!

Off Book Date: Monday (4/1).

Fight Night: Last Classic Standing

Rehearsal Days: Monday / Wednesday / Friday
Tech: Fri. April 26 5:30 -8:45pm, Sat. April 27 4pm - 9pm, Sun. April 28 4pm - 8pm, Mon. April 29 5:30 -8:45pm, Tues. April 30 5:30 -8:45pm
Performances: May 1–5
First Rehearsal: Monday, February 4

Note: No rehearsal during Spring Break. Next rehearsal is 4/1


Rehearsal Days:Tues. / Thurs. / Sat.
Tech: May 3–9
Performances: May 10–12, 17–19, 22–24 (9 performances)
First Rehearsal: Thursday, February 14

Tuesday, March 26th

4:30-6:30pm= Andrew S., Griffin, Lauren

Thursday, March 28th

4:30-6:30pm= Andrew S., Brian, Jeremiah, Louis, Lauren, Moira, Maddy  

Saturday, March 30th

No rehearsal!

Tuesday, April 2nd - AT NOYES! Off Book!

Schedule TBD (We will send this out by the end of Spring Break)

Spring 2019 Rehearsal schedule


Worried about transportation to and from rehearsal? A mom of one of our cast members has launched a new transportation company called Ten Mile Transit Service that specializes in personalized and flexible transportation options for families. They safely and effectively transported a lot of kids to camp this past summer!

NOTE: Mudlark Theater is not affiliated with Ten Mile Transit Service.