Julius Caesar

Please click here to see the cast list. Because of our unique cutting and character line attribution, please consult the following character key to get a better understanding of what your character(s) do in the show. 

Rehearsal Schedule
Wednesday, June 13th: 4:15-6:45p
Thursday, June 14th: 4:15-6:45p
Friday, June 15th: 4:15-6:15pm
Saturday, June 16th: 3-7pm
Sunday, June 17th: NO REHEARSAL
Monday, June 18th: 5:15-9pm (DRESS REHEARSAL)
Tuesday, June 19th: 5:15-9pm (DRESS REHEARSAL)
Wednesday, June 20th: 5:15-9pm (DRESS REHEARSAL)
Thursday, June 21st: 5:15pm-9pm (Preview Performance - Mudlark Board of Directors)

Friday, June 22nd: 7pm (5pm call)
Saturday, June 23: 7pm (5:15pm call)
Sunday, June 24th: 7pm (5:15pm call)