MAY 24-26, 7pm

5 plays
5 directors
1 incredible show

short play festival

Short Play Festival is a new offering at our Second Stage this spring.

Actors will perform in a series of 5 short plays written specifically for them by Mudlark and Chicago area playwrights.

In each of these self contained stories, actors will get a chance to work in tight-knit mini casts with some of their favorite Mudlark directors telling stories that range in tone, genre, and theme. 

What is the short play festival?

Short Play Festival will still rehearse 3 days a week, but actors will only be called 2 of those days every week to work on their short plays. Each play will be helmed by a different director, so actors will get the chance to work with at least 2 different directors this spring. 

Have more questions? Email the Festival Producers, Krista D'Agostino and Christina Lepri at

How is it different from other Mudlark shows?

Due to the tremendous volume of talented, experienced actors who came to auditions this year, we had to do something to meet the demands of our growing community without diluting the rehearsal experience of our tight-knit casts or over-extending our artists. 

Also, short plays are exciting. They are an opportunity to tell meaningful, funny stories in a compacted way. They move quickly and give audiences a buffet of performances to enjoy from. 

Why Short Plays?