Mudlark Theater and its community partners are collaborating on a new play that will follow the lives of students during the desegregation of Evanston public schools.

Interested in Auditioning?

Casting for Foster School is not part of our general auditions.  

If you are interested in learning more about how to be considered for Foster School, please email Artistic Producer Krista D’Agostino at krista@mudlarktheater.org.


Fall 2019 Season

That Zombie Stole My Baby:
A Halloween Sketch Show

Who's there?
Boo who?
Goblins, ghouls, and trick-or-treaters collide in That Zombie Stole My Baby, a sketch show celebrating the silly side of everyone's favorite sugar-fueled holiday. 



End of the world? Cool cool cool cool cool.
Trapped inside their school by a mysterious fog, a group of Alcott students find themselves under attack—and completely unsupervised. As the conspiracy theories (and kids) go bouncing off the walls, the students’ survival instincts and their new found freedom collide in an explosive and absurd new apocalyptic adventure.


Canterbury Tales

A broken-down bus is a real bummer of a way to start off the annual Canterbury Middle School choir trip to Disneyland.
With no cell reception, the stranded singers have no choice but to actually talk to each other. An evening of storytelling ensues, filled with a hostile standoff between friends in the old west, sibling rivalry in the Jane Austin era, and everything in between. A new adaptation of Chaucer’s humorous and heartfelt short stories that have stood the test of time.


Christmas Tales by Charles Dickens

Go beyond A Christmas Carol. Mudlark Artistic Director Andrew Biliter weaves together a collection of Dickens’ other Christmas stories in what promises to be a new holiday favorite.


The Odyssey

The Trojan War is finally over, but the tale of Odysseus has just begun. Told through puppetry, spectacle, and clown, journey through treacherous waters with our hero and their crew as cyclops, sirens, and sea monsters are battled in a desperate attempt to return home.


The Legend of Mariad Tylwyth

There are whispers in the walls.
Maddie Jones has heard the whispers as long as she can remember. At home, at school, and especially in the old woods beyond her backyard. But it isn’t until an old library book falls into her lap that she realizes the truth. She’s a changling, a fairy who has taken the place of the real Maddie Jones. As the realm of the fae and humans start to merge, Maddie has a life changing decision to make: does she stay at home where it’s safe or does she follow the whispers into the woods?



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