How can I register for camp?

By clicking here for 10-14 year-olds or here for 6-9 year-olds!

Where do I find a calendar of all the CAMPS offered?

In the camp brochure. Here for 6-9 year old camps, and here for 10-14 year old camps. The calendar is particularly helpful for 10-14 year old camps.

When is the last time I can register?

If there is still space in a camp, online registration is open through the Friday before the camp begins. However, many of our camps fill up months in advance, so we highly recommend you register for camps in January.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, check, cash or money orders.


Can my child come to camp unregistered?

No. For safety reasons we must have a registration form for every child at a Mudlark camp so our staff has all pertinent medical and emergency contact information. We do this to make sure we are creating as safe an environment as possible for your child and all the young people in our programs.


I registered, but didn't receive any sort of confirmation. What do I do now?

You should receive a confirmation email if your registration went through. Check your inbox and spam, but if you still have not received a confirmation, please give us a call at (847) 448-0708 and we will help you check your registration status.


What is your cancellation/refund policy?

No refunds for cancellation within 14 days of the camp start date.


Do you give pro-rated refunds for camp absences?

We do not give refunds for days when campers are absent once camp has begun. As a small local non-profit that strives to be an affordable arts enrichment option for area families, we carefully budget our summers and hire instructors based on enrollment numbers.    


Pick up and drop off

Where does camp take place?

All camps meet at Mudlark’s Headquarters inside the First Congregational Church’s Administrative Building at 1417 Hinman Ave.


How does pick up and drop off work?

Drop off begins 15 minutes before the start of camp on the lawn outside of Mudlark’s HQ. Campers should check in with their instructors when they arrive at camp. On the first day, Mudlark staff will be on the lawn to help parents and campers find their instructors. Pick up happens immediately following the end of camp. We ask parents to pick up their campers on time as our instructors are working actors, as well as teaching artists, who are often either setting up for afternoon programs or heading to rehearsals or performances at night.


what happens if i am late for pick up?

Any camper picked up after the 15 minute pick up window will be charged a late fee of $15 for the first 30 minutes (12:15-12:45pm for morning camps OR 4:15-4:45pm for afternoon) and then an additional $1 per minut after 12:45pm or 4:45pm.


Who can pick up my child from camp?

Only the people who are indicated on your registration form. To add someone to your form, email Darcy at or call the office at 847-448-0708.


Can my child sign themselves out?

Yes, but you must have already given them permission on your registration form.


Do you provide child care before or after the camp?

No, we only provide care during the scheduled time of the camp. But we know some excellent high school babysitters!

camp day

What should my child bring to camp?

Clothing they can easily move around in

- Closed toe shoes (no flip flops, please!)

- Non-carbonated drinks and sun protection (lotion, hat, etc.)

- Water Bottles! Our camps are very physically active and all our camps go outside at least once a day, weather permitting. 

- Snack (nut free)

- Lunch (if coming for the full day)


Can I stay and watch camp?

We ask that parents drop off campers as opposed to staying and observing camp. We have found that young actors can get easily distracted, or embarrassed, when non-participants are observing them. We work hard to build a safe space in all our programs where our young actors feel free to be spontaneous, creative and imaginative without self-censorship. This takes time to build and can be thrown off by having strangers, or even their parents, watching. However, almost all of our camps include some kind of final showcase or performance and we hope all parents, families and friends can attend those!



If your child is 10-14 years old and signed up for a morning and an afternoon camp in the same week (i.e. Stage Combat June 6-9 in the morning and Acting Studio June 6-9 in the afternoon), or is 8-9 years old and signed up for full day Mudlarkians, they can stay for lunch at no additional charge. They will be supervised by Mudlark staff during lunchtime and eat and play games. Lunch is NOT provided by Mudlark. Unfortunately, we cannot offer lunchtime supervision to children who are not staying for an afternoon camp.


Do I need to bring a snack?

During camp your child will be provided with a small snack (typically Goldfish) but they are also welcome to bring their own. See “What to Bring to Camp” above. 


Can the instructors give my child medicine?

Our staff is not allowed to administer any kind of medication with the exception of epi-pens in the case of a medical emergency and only with the express written permission of a parent or guardian. Please administer all medication before or after the camp hours. If you have a unique situation, please contact Associate Education Director Darcy at


How should my child dress for the camp?

See “What to Bring to Camp” above. 



If your child is ill and you believe they may be contagious, or unable to make it through the camp day, please do not send them to camp.

If your child is being treated for a contagious condition please let us know so we can be alert for symptoms in others, and take appropriate precautions. 

Many of our camps build towards performances, and every day is valuable. We highly encourage your child to attend every day of camp. If you have a planned absence, please contact Associate Education Director Darcy at or let you child's instructor know ahead of time.






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