January 22 and 24, 2018
MUDLARK HQ | 1417 Hinman Ave.


spring 2018 auditions


Any child (ages 9-17) who wishes to try out need only come to one of the two audition days. The whole audition process takes about 30 minutes. Auditions take place at Mudlark Headquarters, First Congregational Church House (1417 Hinman) in Evanston. Children are not expected to prepare anything in advance. The audition consists of group games and exercises that allow kids to showcase their personalities and improvisation skills. Many of those who audition will receive a callback to read for one or more of the directors (see below). 

If your child is unavailable for the designated audition times/days, please email us at headquarters@mudlarktheater.org, and we will do our best to make the appropriate accommodations.


New to Mudlark? 

Check out our Parent Information Sheet. 


Many of those who audition will receive a callback. At callbacks, actors get a chance to read for parts in one or more of the plays. Actors are handed sides (scenes from the show they are reading for) and given time to practice them before performing. Not being available for callbacks severely lowers an actor's chances of being cast in one of the shows.

Participation Fee

As a non-profit children's theater company not affiliated with the City of Evanston or the public schools, Mudlark must charge a participation fee in order to operate. The participation fee for an actor is $300 ($275 for Lab Shows). Scholarships for part or all of the fee are available to any family that needs them. Our casting process is need-blind, so we don't turn any family away because of fees.

Mudlark's Casting Policy

Although we do our best at Mudlark to accommodate as many actors as we can in every show, inevitably there will be some children who don't get cast. Unfortunately, this is the nature of theater and of casting. We urge disappointed actors to remember that a cast list is not a judgment on you or a ranking of acting talent; it is just the director's imperfect attempt to match the actors who tried out to the roles specified in script. Not everyone is right for every part or every show. So if you try out and don't make it, please DON'T GIVE UP. Come back and try out for our next show. Or, to heck with us—try out for shows at school and at other theaters. Take an acting or improv class. Theater is for everybody, and a cast list cannot define who you are or what you can become.



Our audition turnout continues to grow each season, and it's become increasingly difficult to cast young actors after their first audition. In an effort to be more transparent, we want to make nine-year-olds aware of the realities they face.

Actors, you will be competing for parts with kids 2-4 years older than you, many of whom have years of experience under their belt. We're glad that you have the courage to audition, but we don't want you be discouraged if you aren't cast after your first or second try. Just come in, have fun, and do the best you can! 

We're starting a new initiative to strengthen our Mudlark community and support our rapidly growing organization. All participants in a Mudlark show are required to fulfill 3 Volunteer Tech Hours as part of accepting a role in one of our shows. Click here for more information >>



Rehearsal Schedules

Rehearsals tend to either take place Mon/Wed/Fri (4:30-6:30) or Tues/Thurs/Sat (Tues/Thurs at 4:30-6:30 and Saturday mornings or afternoons), depending on the show.

Not every actor will be called to every rehearsal.

Extra rehearsals will occasionally be called for certain actors at the director's discretion. With the exception of tech week, when attendance is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY, we do our best to work around all schedule conflicts as long as they are listed on the audition sheet. Due to the staggered nature of the show season, the start dates of the rehearsal process will be different.

For the most up-to-date information about the rehearsal schedule for the shows, please click here.